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Welcome to The First Congregational Church of Barrington

Services are Sunday mornings from 9:30-11:00am 

Our visions are to be:

    • A Worshiping Community

    • Of Growing Disciples

    • Living Out Christ’s Love for the World

Toward this end, our website is structured around this vision: select “A Heart for the Church” from the menu to learn how we function as ”A Worshiping Community”; select ”A Heart for Christ” to learn about how we encourage and support a ministry of ”Growing Disciples”; or select ”A Heart for the World” to learn about how we endeavor to ”Live Out Christ’s Love for the World.”

Located at 710 Franklin Pierce Highway, the First Congregational Church of Barrington, NH is affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Conference. Information about this conference is available at The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

For more information on our beliefs please read our Statement of Faith.

Our church is governed by our Current Bylaws 06-12-05 that include statements on our purpose, declaration of faith, form of government (consisting of Elders and Deacons), membership, church polity, organizations, and meetings.

For the history buffs, who are interested in our church history, we have put together a resource for you enjoyment:  The First Congregational Church of Barrington.